Industry Outlook 2022 Ebook Series

Ebook yang meneliti dan membahas tentang perubahan dan tren industri Healthcare, Resto, Retail pasca pandemi Covid-19 berdasarkan dari survei yang dilakukan Inventure-Alvara pada November 2020, Juni 2021, dan Desember 2021.

Beauty Megashifts 2022

Daftar Isi:
● From Decorative Makeup To Skin Care
● Glowing Skin Is The NewMainstream
● Health-Well Being Concern
● Beauty With Responsibility
● Local Brands Attack
● It’s Time To Comeback
● Searching Vs. Purchasing
● The Power Of Reseller
● Consumers Are The Seeker Of Honest Review
● Beauty X Food Collaboration: Unlimited Creativity

Courier Megashifts 2022

Daftar Isi:
● Prive Over Duration
● Expedition Brand Doesn’t Really Matter
● Mager Customers: Pick-up Service Win
● E-commerce Build Its Own Logistic Ecosystem
● E-commerce’s Integrated: Logistic Ecosystem Be Alert
● Ecosystem Champion: Synergy Thru Integration
● Fixing The COD Bugs
● Safety Is (Still) Matter
● Digitalization Win
● UMKM & Logistics: A Pandemic Synergy

Fintech Megashifts 2022

Daftar Isi:
● Mainstream Of Fintech Spealized In Every Business Sector
● Pinjol’s Negative Sentiment Fear And Traumatic
● Pinjol Opportunity For Unbanked
● Millennials In The Pinjol Shadows
● Sharia Fintech: A Win-Win Solution
● Paylater Takes Over Credit Card
● Convenience Beats Rewards
● Paylater Consumerism Trap
● Fintech Ecosystem: Strategy To Conquer The Market
● Fintech In Rural: Going For Establishment

Property Megashifts 2022

Daftar Isi:
● Landed House Vs. Apartment: House Is Still The Center of Life
● Owning or Renting?
● Dream House: Aesthetic Over Space
● Apartment Is The New Urban “House”
● Smart of Things: AIoT Going Household
● Sharia Mortgage: New Hot Option
● Bank Is Entering Digital Mortgage Ecosystem
● Rent To Own An Innovative Model
● Proptech New Face of Property Industry
● Agent Becomes TikTok Content Creator

Resto & Cafe Megashifts 2022

Daftar Isi:
● Dine-in homecoming
● The endgame: dine-in & delivery live side by side
● Unboxing experience is king
● Outdoor resto going permanent
● Ghost kitchen invasion
● Drakor effect the power of produk placement
● Plant-based food the next big thing
● All you can eat becomes mass luxury
● Healthy food immune booster
● Ready-to-serve food @convinence store

Retail Megashifts 2022

Daftar Isi:
● Proximity Matters
● Turning Point: Back to Offline
● Private Label Pandemic’s Hero
● Mall It’s Time to Re-formatted
● Placemaking The New Wave of Retail Innovation
● Switching Is Not That Easy Omnichannel Is Not Always The Best Choice
● The Power of Reseller
● Official Store Strickes Back
● The Birth of New Retail Model
● Toko Kelontong Get Modern

Healthcare Megashifts 2022

Daftar Isi:
● Healthcare Welcome Red Ocean
● Pandemic: A Booster of Health Awareness
● Face-to-face Consultation: It’s Time to Comeback
● Telehealth vs In-Person: It’s Not Zero-Sum Game
● Healthcare 4.0 Isoman Telemedicine
● Digital Adoption in Hospital Journey
● CHS Lifestyle Becomes Permanent Lifestyle
● Pharma Support Service Post-Pandemic
● Diagnotic Biz Bonanza: The Rise of Cool+Agile Brands
● Skincare: The “Inside and Outside” Healthcare